In collaboration with Helen Oro Designs, Axis Imagery, and TallAmber Glamour, the SheNative Fashion-Preneurship Project engages female Indigenous youth in a fashion entrepreneurship experience that gives them coping and empowerment tools to thrive.

This project inspires Indigenous female youth, builds their confidence, and explores various aspects of fashion and entrepreneurship in a 2-day interactive boot camp-style program. The program ends with a mini-Community Fashion Show that involves the youth in various roles.

The SheNative Fashion-Preneurship Project covers:

  • How a passion for fashion has helped us build a sustainable living.

  • How to become a SheWarrior: Circle chats about challenges, lateral violence and jealously. We’re there for support, guidance and to give empowering tools to flip the switch.

  • The realities of modelling in the industry — and how to use it to build your inner confidence.

  • Fashion, entrepreneurship, and the industry — and how to survive it. The youth create and build an idea to present at the community fashion show.

  • Beauty is My Duty: Essentials for applying your own make-up and doing your own hair for fashion shows.

Interested in bringing the SheNative Fashion-Preneurship Project to your community?